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Saturday, January 26, 2008
By Steven L. Taylor

~Rounding-up, analyzing and handicapping the 2008 election~


~If Sabato can use a crystal ball, why can’t I use a toaster?~

General News, Poll, Commentary and Bloggage

  • Via the LAT: Democrats may vote by race in South Carolina (who knew?)
  • Charles Franklin @ South Carolina Democratic Endgame
  • John Sides @ The Monkey Cage: Why Is It Hard for Senators to Become President?
  • Philip Klinkner @ Polysigh: Deep Breath Time (on the question of whether this year’s contest defies normal patterns or not.)
  • Daniel Drezner: Everybody Hates Someone
  • OTB: Who Destroyed the Republican Party?
  • OTB: Super Tuesday Not So Super?


Checking the Bread: Movement Since the Last ToM


Barack Obama

Dough is on the rise

Mitt Romney

Dough is on the rise.

Hillary Clinton

Dough is on the rise

John McCain

Dough is on the rise.

John Edwards

What’s that smell?

Mike Huckabee

Getting darker.

Dennis Kucinich

Out of the race

Rudy Giuliani

Getting darker—nearly combustible, in fact.

Mike Gravel

Is that mold?

Ron Paul

Is that straw bread?


Fred Thompson

Adios, tostito.


Duncan Hunter



Gazing into the Polished Stainless Steel of the Toaster. Aside from people dropping out of the race (Thompson, Kucinich, Hunter), there really hasn’t been any serious movement, toastwise. On the Democratic side, it is basically Obama v. Clinton, with neither candidate having a clear advantage at this time. And while it is true that if one looks solely at delegates counts, the race is wide-open (meaning Edwards could still get into the mix), the fact of the matter is that sequencing and press coverage have become so integral to this process that it is difficult so Edwards emerging as a serious contender for the nomination.


Florida will very much set the stage for February 5th on the GOP side, as the results could effectively kill Giuliani’s campaign (which, delusions aside, is on toast-support at the moment) and likewise could either solidify McCain as the semi-front runner or give Romney a real, solid win that would put him on top.



The bag is currently empty.

The bag is currently empty.

Barack Obama
Obama appears set to win SC. The question becomes what that will mean for the 5th and how much of the post-SC analysis will focus solely on the race question (which seems to be the theme for the Dems this year).

  • Via the LAT: Obama supporters working the female vote
  • TalkLeft: Obama And Edwards Are On The FL Ballot Too


Hillary Clinton Clinton appears to have conceded SC and is looking to the Februrary 5th contests.


In regards to Clinton’s current move (noted in several links below) to have the MI and FL delegates recognized at the summer’s convention would have been impressive if she had stood up for democracy before the primary season started. Now she simply looks opportunistic, given that she was the only major candidate on the MI ballot and her timing makes it appear that she is pandering to Florida voters in advance of the contests there where no Dems are “allowed” to campaign (and where Clinton leads in the polls).

  • WaPo: Clinton Now Looking Beyond S.C.
  • The Politico: Clinton pursues selective strategy in S.C. 
  • Joe Gandelman @ TMV: Hillary Clinton: Changing The Rules On Florida And Michigan Delegates?
  • OTB: Hillary Clinton Trying to Steal Nomination?
  • Statement by Senator Hillary Clinton on the Seating of Delegates at the Democratic National Convention 

John McCain If McCain wins he will have back-to-back major victories to go along with his NH win and this will give the media all the reasons they need to crown him as the likely winner.

  • OTB: Chuck Norris Says McCain Too Old
  • Foxnews:

    Rambo v. Walker, Texas Ranger: Stallone Backs McCain Against Norris’ Huckabee
  • Steve Bainbridge explains why Thompson supporters aren’t keen on McCain.


Mitt Romney A loss for Romney means a week of questions about his capacity to capture the nomination and a great deal of discussion about the quality of his MI, NV and WY wins. However, if he bests McCain FL, he will find himself clearly ahead in the delegate count and will also be given the media-glow of Front Runner going into the 5th.

  • OTB: Everybody Hates Mitt

Mike Huckabee Huckabee strikes me as the Andy Warhol candidate—i.e,. his fifteen minutes of front running appear over. Sure, he may win a couple of southern states on the 5th, bu it is difficult to look ahead and chart a course wherein he wins. Maybe he’s veepable, but really he appears to have a lot of potential on the late-night chat show tour.

John Edwards Could Edwards give his campaign a jolt by coming in second today in SC? The polling seems to indicate that it could happen. But even if he does, he still will not have transformed a fundamentally two-candidate race into a three-candidate contest. He will have to do far more than come in second in the state of his birth to accomplish that feat.



Rudy Giuliani
I suppose the operate lesson here is that if you don’t choose your firewall wisely, you get burned. Barring a miraculous turn of events, Florida will confirm on Tuesday what has been evident for some time: that Rudy is done.

  • Chris Lawrence @ OTB: Giuliani in Florida Freefall
  • Radley Balko @ Hit and Run: Giuliani the Thug
  • Gail Collins in the NYT: Heeere’s Rudy! 

Ron Paul Save for cash, Paul is quite crumbly. He has the capacity to keep running as sort of Undead Zombie Toast, and should he wish to try and continue to spread his ideological message, he can do so. However, win he will not (as Master Yoda might say). One does have to wonder if he still might not be tempted to take his cash and launch a third party bid.

Mike Gravel Has anyone actually seen Gravel lately?




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9 Responses to “The Sunny Palmetto ToM”

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  2. The Moderate Voice Says:

    A Political Scientist’s Concise Assesement Of Campaign 2008 As Of Now

    MUST READING FOR ANYONE WHO FOLLOWS THE CAMPAIGN. Political scientist Steven Taylor’s latest Toast-0-Meter is up.
    This is required reading for anyone who follows politics. He gives you no-nonsense takes on where the campaign is, who’s up an…

  3. Professor Chaos Says:

    This is going to become a bit problematic if/when Obama begins to “get darker” and ultimately becomes “burnt toast” …

  4. Dr. Steven Taylor Says:

    Yes, I must confess that that thought occurred me a few weeks back…

  5. Outside The Beltway | OTB Says:

    South Carolina Post-Mortem, Democrat Edition

    As Chris Lawrence posted last night, Barack Obama handily won the South Carolina Democratic primary and native son John Edwards came in third.

    The results, with a record turnout, were stunning:

    Obama has long been projected to win, of course, but …

  6. Jan Says:

    Well, we can always hope that Obama never makes it to the burnt toast category. Think on the bright side. :)

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