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Saturday, April 1, 2006
By Dr. Steven Taylor

Via the BBC: Brazilian pioneer docks in space

A Russian Soyuz rocket carrying the first Brazilian into space has docked with the International Space Station two days after lift-off from Baikonur.

Lt Col Marcos Pontes will spend nine days on board, while a Russian and a US colleague accompanying him will stay for six months.


The mission, which is costing Brazil about $10m (£6m), comes less than three years after Brazil’s space programme met with disaster when a rocket exploded on the launch pad.

The explosion of the first Brazilian rocket, built to take satellites into orbit, killed 21 people at the site in the north of the country.

However, there has also been some criticism that the cost of putting a man into space could have been used better elsewhere.

Brazil certainly finds itself with one foot firmly in the underdeveloped world, and another that is trying to gain a foothold in the developed.

Given the substantial development problems that they have, it does beg the question as to the wisdom of this investment.

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