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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
By Dr. Steven Taylor

Via Adland: Racism poster with lego upsets Danes

Danish company Lego doesn’t like the poster, or the idea that lego could be associated with racism or racists, according to the communications director Charlotte Simonsen.


José Luis Díaz insists that the poster doesn’t play on recent events in Denmark, and that Lego isn’t associated with Denmark internationally. “It’s unfortunate if the poster is interpreted that way as the racism message may get lost.”

The UN decided to withdraw the poster within 24 hours yesterday, however, the anti-racism day it advertises has already come and gone.

And via

Meanwhile across the Oresund strait, Denmark has reacted with anger to a UN campaign poster marking the World Day against racism, picturing a jigsaw puzzle and a piece of Lego - one of Denmark’s best export products and almost a national symbol.

“Racism takes many shapes” says the poster, which has also been printed in Arabic states.

Danish human rights activists call the poster “tactless and stupid” and the “deeply surprised” Lego firm has contacted the UN for an explanation, the Nordic press writes.

After an official request by Danish foreign minister Per Stig Moller, UN spokesperson Jose Luis Diaz said the poster designer was “probably not aware of the Lego piece origin”, and that the poster would be withdrawn.

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