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Monday, October 24, 2005
By Dr. Steven Taylor

Via the BBC: Argentina poll boost for Kirchner

Argentina’s President Nestor Kirchner has strengthened his support in legislative elections, in which his wife won a Senate seat.

President Kirchner’s supporters now control the Senate and will form the largest bloc in the lower house.

Cristina Kirchner was elected to represent the province of Buenos Aires by a wide margin.


According to exit polls, Mr Kirchner’s allies will firmly control the Senate with 40 of 72 Senate seats, and 85-100 seats in the lower house of 257 deputies - still short of a majority.


The vote has put Mr Kirchner in a good position to win control of his Peronist Party and run again for president in two years time, says the BBC’s Tom Gibb in Buenos Aires.

Mrs Kirchner ran against Hilda Duhalde, spouse of former president Eduardo Duhalde and part of a rival faction of the ruling Peronist Party.

Both women are expected to get Senate seats under Argentina’s complex voting system in which, in some areas, more than one candidate is elected.

Hmm. Now I’m gonna have “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” in my head all day long…

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