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Monday, August 30, 2004
By Dr. Steven Taylor

Simon World has an exhaustive list of blogging tips that are worth a read, especially if you are thinking of starting a blog or want insight into this whole bloggin’ thaing.

Below are a few coments in response to the list, and some tips of my own:

22. The great thing about blogging is plagiarising is encouraged. That’s why so many academics blog. The only trick is plagiarising needs to be accompanied by links back to the original…because links are the lifeblood of a blogger. So go ahead and steal.

I would revise this: plagiarism is quoting someone else and passing the post off as your own (something I have seen done). That is a no-no. Properly citing the source, and providing a link, that’s a good thing. And, no doubt, links are the currency of the Blogosphere.

So true:

42. The stupidest, most off-the-cuff posts tend to get the most comments.

I would add:

  • If you send a trackback to someone, be sure you link to that person’s blog and the post you are trackbacking. It is just plain rude to find an idea or story from someone, use it on your blog and not give credit. Further, the trackabck you send helps (potentially) to get you traffic from the person’s blog you pinged, but without giving back to the blog from which you got your idea.

  • It clearly helps to have some claim at being an “expert” (whatever that may mean). For example: being a professor, having an advanced degree or working for a professional publication (as Simon notes in his list-that may not be fair, but it is nonetheless true).
  • Inline trackbacks are cool to have, as it encourages people to link to you, because they get an automatic link on your site as well (and yes, inline trackbacks will be returning to PoliBlog shortly-hopefully this week).
  • Give reciprocal links to those who link to you.
  • If you are just starting out, I highly recommend WordPress over Moveable Type.
  • Always give Hat Tip’s to blogs when you find stuff on their site, even if you aren’t quoting their blog.

Some of my previous posts on blogging are here:

Hat tip: Dean Esmay (And I, like Dean, endorse most of the points-for example, while I understand what Simon means in regards to emotion v. reason in terms of generating traffic, it still isn’t advice I would give).

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2 Responses to “Blogging Tips”

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    Everything you wanted to know about blogging but were afraid to ask
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  2. - just one man’s perceptions » Blog Archive » Says:

    [...] e original…because links are the lifeblood of a blogger. So go ahead and steal.” - Dr. Steven Taylor

    This entry was pos [...]

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