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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
By Dr. Steven Taylor

Remember the AUC member who was stripped of his cease-fire privileges that I mentioned the other day? Well, the US has requested his extradition (via the BBC: US seeks Colombian paramilitary):

Colombia said Jimenez violated a peace agreement by continuing to organise cocaine shipments and run a criminal empire from prison.

Jimenez is wanted in the US on drug trafficking charges


He is the first jailed warlord to lose benefits agreed under a 2003 peace deal which led paramilitary leaders to surrender and demobilise 31,000 of their men in exchange for reduced jail terms and extradition protection.

The Uribe administration has been quite willing to extradite such persons to the US, so the track record suggests that they will do so here. Further since, Jimenez was caught breaking the demobilization agreement, I suspect that the Colombian government will want to make an example of him. Given that one of the things that narcos have wanted to avoid is extradition to the US this situation will give Uribe a chance to send a signal to the other AUC commanders: behave or be sent to the US for trial.=.

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  1. […] Real civilians, as opposed to technical civilians, a/k/a terrorists, who like to claim the rights of soldiers without actually acting like, you now, soldiers, in the area know which side is likely to treat them well, (for more on that phenomenon, see here) despite all the dishonest and damaging hoopla about “torture” that is held to include treating criminal non-combatants like, well, criminals, rather than as POWs, which would imply that they are honorable warriors who deserve the right to surrender. (I’ll post on Alberto Gonzalez today or tomorrow and address that in ways more consonant with The Wall Street Journal’s excellent front page take and NPR’s surpisingly, and deservedly, sympathetic portrayal here and, most relevantly to this post, here, than the treatment reported here. Hint - it’s all about political control of an often recalcitrant buerocracy.) […]

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