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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
By Dr. Steven Taylor

Via the BBC: Blair ‘to confirm Iraq timetable’

Mr Blair is expected to say hundreds of troops will return from Basra within weeks with more to follow later.

Some 7,000 UK troops are currently serving in Iraq and about 1,500 are expected to return within weeks.

BBC political correspondent James Landale said: “We have been expecting an announcement for some time on this.”

He said by Christmas a total of 3,000 troops were expected to have returned to the UK from Iraq.

At which point the remaining situation in Iraq remains wholly a US problem.

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  1. […] Oliver Willis asks “guess who gets left holding the bag”? PoliBlog author Dr. Steven Taylor answers that upon the withdrawal of British forces, Iraq “remains wholly a U.S. problem.” 8:24pm MST | View blog reactions […]

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  2. This article corresponds, in general, to my opinions about the continued occupation of Iraq: I think most of the points made are perfectly valid, and it’s worth a read.

    In as far as regards responsibility, both Britain and America have much to answer for, whether they continue their military presence or not, though the past may lead us to think that neither one nor the other will own up to any such responsibility.

    I assumed that the “remaining situation” referred to the question of “whether to remain or not” and not to the situation in Iraq in general. If I was mistaken, I would say that the Iraqis should also have to deal with the situation, though naturally and obviously they will only be able to do so in an effective manner once the occupation forces are out.

    Comment by James — Wednesday, February 21, 2007 @ 7:58 am

  3. […] As I noted yesterday, it is clear that Iraq is now wholly a US problem (not that it hadn’t already become such). […]

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