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Tuesday, November 21, 2006
By Steven L. Taylor

After some consideration (and some encouragement from you all), I have decided to respond to Verizon’s attorney’s and dispute their conclusions.

I may be requesting some publicity aid on this issue in the near future…

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9 Responses to “More Verizon”

  1. Jan Says:

    Define “publicity aid”.

  2. Dr. Steven Taylor Says:

    Other bloggers blogging the story.

    A Google bomb directing searches for Verizon, “verizon blog” and “Verizon poliblog” to my site would work too :)

  3. Brett Marston (guestblogger) Says:

    I suppose you could just rename your blog “Verizon” and see how they like it! You could say that “Verizon” is a generic name for “virtual horizon” or something like that.

  4. Jan Says:

    Can do. :)

  5. Dr. Steven Taylor Says:


    I had a similar thought :)

    The “Verities on the Horizon” Blog or Verizon.

    And Jan: I have sent a response to their response.

    We shall see whether I get any movement. If not, we shall see.

  6. Jan Says:

    I’m waiting for your go. Don’t worry. Not that I have any power to do anything, but anyway. . .

  7. Alabama Moderate Says:

    Just say the word, and you’re free to crosspost on my blog. How exactly do you do a Google bomb anyway? I know what it does, but how do you accomplish such a task?

  8. Dr. Steven Taylor Says:

    If enough people create a link with a given name to a given locale, it will effect the Google ranking of the search term.

  9. PoliBlog ™: A Rough Draft of my Thoughts » Verizon’s Faux PoliBlog Says:

    [...] Previous posts on this issue are here, here and here. Filed under: Blogging | |Send TrackBack [...]

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