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Fear the T
By Steven L. Taylor

“Fear the T” was the slogan on t-shirts that a lot of the Troy University students were wearing last night for the team’s home opener against the Oklahoma State University Cowboys.

I took my two oldest boys to the game and after a game-delayed deluge from the remnants of Humberto, OSU started to feel the heat early and often. OSU’s RB fumbled on an outside run on the first or second play of the game inside their 20. Troy took over and soon was up 7 to nothing.

While I expected Troy to be competitive, indeed to have a real shot at winning, I had no inkling that they would so dominant. The final score was Troy 41, OSU 23, but that score does not reflect the degree to which Troy outplayed their opponent. The score was 41-10 at the end of the third quarter (which is when we decided to head home, as it was clear even earlier than that Troy was going to win) and seven of OSU’s first half points came as the direct result of an insane call for a fake punt deep in their own territory by the Troy coaches. It was one of the dumbest play calls I have seen in some time. Further, Troy should have had at least a FG at the end of the first half, save for some moronic time management at that time.

Troy intercepted OSU twice and had a punt run back for a TD as well as a career day for its starting QB, Omar Haugabook.

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