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Auburn Appears to be Not Very Good This Year
By Steven L. Taylor

They started the season by almost losing to K-State and then last week they lost to USF. Now, today, they have fallen to Mississippi State, a feat considered rather embarrassing within the SEC. Indeed, between losing to an unranked opponent and now losing to a team that is considered to be a basement dweller in the SEC, Auburn’s season is nigh on to over already, just three weeks into it all.

At this point they are basically playing for an Iron Bowl win and a hopefully a mediocre bowl game.

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  1. The Mississippi State team I saw beat Tulane last week wasn’t very good (Tulane’s defense was just incompetent and outmanned in the second half), suggesting that one of the following is true: MSU has radically improved in 7 days, Tulane is better than I thought, or Auburn is pretty bad this year. My Magic 8 Ball says #3.

    Comment by Chris Lawrence — 09/15/07 @ 3:37 pm

  2. […] Auburn Appears to be Not Very Good This Year […]

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