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September 29, 2007
A Dramatic Defection from the FARC
By Dr. Steven L. Taylor

Via the BBC: Farc woman steals plane to desert

An armed female member of Colombia’s Farc rebel group hijacked a small plane to escape her “tortuous life” with the guerrillas, police have said.

The woman, who was identified only by her alias “Angelica,” took over the plane at an airstrip in Puerto Principe, in eastern Colombia.

Carrying a rifle, machete, knife and 150 bullets, she forced the pilot to fly her to the city of Villavicencio.


Police said the hijacker would not be charged with a crime and would be admitted to the government’s rebel rehabilitation programme.


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September 20, 2007
Medellín’s Image and the Pending FTA
By Dr. Steven L. Taylor

Bloomberg’s Amity Shales considers in an opinion piece: Medellin Wonders What Pelosi, Sweeney are Smoking.

The piece looks at the lingering Escobar-inspired image of the city and argues for the ratification of the free trade agreement with the US.

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Colombian Imports on the Rise
By Dr. Steven L. Taylor

Via Reuters: Colombia imports grew 12.5 pct in August-report

Colombia’s imports expanded 12.5 percent in August compared with the same month a year earlier, driven by strong domestic demand, according to preliminary government figures.


According to the DIAN, the country’s imports rose 24.8 percent to $20.68 billion in the January-August period compared with $16.57 billion registered in the same eight-month period a year earlier.

All of which are signs of positive economic growth. Further, the story notes an influx of foreign investment.

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September 2, 2007
Political Acronyms
By Dr. Steven L. Taylor

Looking for a list of political acronyms from Colombia? UCSD’s Social Science and Humanities Library has one/: Colombia: Acronyms.

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