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Excerpt: ARNOLD'S SPEECH If it had been given a bit more depth I think Schwarzenegger’s speech would have been the nominee’s speech, extremely powerful and hitting the right notes from the fear of the “Soviet boot” to the rationale for going to ...
Weblog: Peaktalk
Tracked: August 31, 2004 22:32
Blog-o-sphere Reacts... Day 2
Excerpt: Blog-o-sphere Reacts... Day 2 I'm browsing for others who have coverage of the RNC. If you want to be added to this list, send the permalink of your reaction to jordan.ledoux @ gmail . com. All opinions, including opposing views, are ...
Weblog: The Politicker
Tracked: August 31, 2004 23:04
Arnold Speaks for P&F
Excerpt: Arnold Speaks for P&F I can't write, with any objectivity, about the Governator's convention speech. It just hit so closely to home, expressed so many of my own personal...
Weblog: Priorities & Frivolities
Tracked: August 31, 2004 23:06