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May 12, 2008
Another Heroes Cast Addition
By Steven L. Taylor

Via the Miami Herald: A new hero’s coming to `Heroes’

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May 11, 2008
Happy Mother’s Day, Trek Style
By Steven L. Taylor

Via Top 10 Star Trek Moms

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May 9, 2008
Full Speed Racer Episodes
By Steven L. Taylor

They’re at Hulu.

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The Truly Original Speed Racer
By Steven L. Taylor

For your viewing pleasure:

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May 8, 2008
Boxleitner to Heroes?
By Steven L. Taylor

Via the SciFi Wire: Boxleitner Joining Heroes?

Aside from the fact that Boxleitner would generically be a good choice, it adds more geek cred to Heroes as the show where folks from other genre shows come to play. We have already seen two TOS actors (Takei and Nichols) and a Doctor (Eccelston) on the show, not to mention the new Spock (Quinto), so the lead actor from Babylon 5 makes a good addition to the collection.

Am I forgetting any other examples?

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May 3, 2008
Next in Line From Marvel (in Terms of Movies)
By Steven L. Taylor

Via Reuters: “Iron Man” producer Marvel mulling next movie

Iron Man, btw, was quite good.

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May 1, 2008
Iron Man Getting Good Reviews
By Steven L. Taylor

At the moment, at least it is theBest-Reviewed Movie of 2008! at Rotten Tomatoes.

On the RT scale it is also the highest rated superhero movie of all time.

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The Return of Barry Allen
By Steven L. Taylor

The original (well, sorta, but really the second) Flash, Barry Allen, is back from his 1985 grave: An Unexpected Comic Book Resurrection: The Flash.

While I wholly recognize that death is hardly permanent in the world of comic books, it seems to me that Barry Allen’s death (along with that of Mar-Vell) ought to remain sacrosanct. Of course, I think Mar-Vell is back as well (although I think it is a time travel thing, not a resurrection thing).

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