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April 21, 2008
Speaking of Comics…
By Steven L. Taylor

How about a Doctor Who mini-series? Doctor Who - The Forgotten.

Nice cover for the first issue (see link) and an potentially interesting plot.

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March 29, 2008
New Who on Sci Fi on April 18th
By Steven L. Taylor

So reports Variety: Sci Fi Channel celebrates success

Sci Fi starts another season of “Dr. Who,” which it bought from the BBC, on April 18, after beginning the first season of another series purchase, “The Sarah Jane Adventures,” a spinoff of “Dr. Who,” one week earlier.

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March 18, 2008
More Who in Davidson’s Future?
By Steven L. Taylor

Peter Davidson talks Who over at the BBC: Doctor Who - Interview - Peter Davison (’Doctor Who’)

Of the more interesting questions was the following (based on Davidson’s appearance in Timecrash:

Has it whetted your appetite for another, perhaps longer appearance in a future story? Russell T Davies certainly likes the old mythology.
“He does to a certain extent. I would certainly be able to do it. I’m not suggesting for a moment that it would ever happen. I think it won’t happen. But I would have done it anyway. I have two young boys, six and eight, who love Doctor Who, so I sit there and I watch all the new series Doctor Whos about three or four times. And now my daughter [Georgia Moffett] is going to be in it…”

An intriguing possibility, to be sure. However, since all of the other Doctor-Doctor encounters (apart from Timecrash, which technically didn’t “happen” I would think) were driven by the Time Lords and their technology (e.g., to fight Omega in the The Three Doctors, the use of the timescoop in The Five Doctors, and some Time Lord mission (if memory serves) in The Two Doctors), it makes one wonder how such an encounter might happen, and what it would mean to the post-Gallifrey Whoniverse.

io9 deals with the story as if Davidson might could be considered to replace Tennant once he leaves (which is widely rumored (or should that be rumoured?) to be happening after the 2009 “specials”). Part of me thinks that would be fascinating, part of me thinks it couldn’t work (at a minimum, he would need a new set of clothes!).

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March 16, 2008
Who Might Have Been…
By Steven L. Taylor

The Telegraph has a story on the rough draft, so to speak, of Doctor Who. While interesting, let’s just say we are probably all quite glad that things turned out as they did: A reactionary on a bad LSD trip - Doctor Who?

Here are some Little-known Dr Who facts, also from the Telegraph. However, I am not sure that most of them are especially “little known.”

h/t: The Daily P.O.P.

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March 14, 2008
Trek v. Who
By Steven L. Taylor

No, not some lame YouTube mashup, but rather an interesting mini-essay by Goeff Klock (who writes on pop culture for a living): Star Trek vs Doctor Who

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March 12, 2008
May it be So
By Steven L. Taylor

Via the SyFy Portal Another Two Decades Of ‘Doctor Who’?

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February 9, 2008
Sarah Jane Coming to SciFi
By Steven L. Taylor

Via SyFy Portal: ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’ To Air On U.S. TV

Another “Doctor Who” spinoff, “The Sarah Jane Adventures,” will premiere on SciFi Channel this coming April.

Spiffy. Even if it is a “kid’s show” (which, technically, so is Doctor Who), I am interesting in giving it a look. Beyond that, I suspect my sons will like it.

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December 22, 2007
Doctora Who?
By Steven L. Taylor

Please, let this be a silly rumor: Jennifer could be Dr Who

The comic actress is in talks to become Doctor Who as David Tennant, 36, will leave after filming three specials in 2009.

TV bosses are keen to get a woman on board the Tardis for one of those shows.

She’s one of the leads from the britcom, Absolutely Fabulous.

I suspect, like most (if not all) of the Who rumors in The Sun that this one is fallacious as well.

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December 19, 2007
Tennant Denies Rumors of Who Exit
By Steven L. Taylor

Via the BBC: Tennant laughs off Dr Who rumours

Doctor Who star David Tennant has laughed off speculation that he is planning to quit the show at the end of the next series in 2008.

Cool beans. (The original rumor (or rumour, to be more appropriate) was started by Catherine Tate).

Of course, he isn’t promising that he is staying beyond what has already been announced for 2009:

Tennant confirmed he was doing four Doctor Who specials in 2009, but there was no decision about the next series in 2010.

“I’m doing four more specials and beyond that no one’s asked me to make any decisions and I’m quite happy to be enigmatic for as long as possible,” he said.

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December 15, 2007
New Executive Producer for Who Series Five
By Steven L. Taylor

Via the Guardian: BBC lines up next Doctor Who producer

Piers Wenger will work on the fifth series of Doctor Who and also take over as head of BBC Wales drama in January 2009 when current boss Julie Gardner steps down, MediaGuardian can reveal.

There is no word from the BBC yet on what Russell T Davies - the key creative figure behind the Doctor Who revival as show runner and co-executive producer with Gardner - will do come series five, although he is expected to scale back his involvement.

A BBC spokeswoman said no final decision had yet been made on Davies’ role on the show from 2009.

Hopefully Davies will maintain a significant presence, as he has probably been the most important influence over the new Who.

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