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Friday, February 26, 2010
By Steven L. Taylor

So reports the Political Wire:  Support for Paterson Crumbles.

The New York Daily News reports Paterson will end his reelection campaign today, but currently has no plans to resign.

From that Daily News piece:

The governor has a reputation for being wildly mercurial and changing his mind at the last minute - particularly if he feels he’s backed into a corner.

However, with key Democrats abandoning him left and right, newspaper columnists and editorial boards turning against him and new revelations breaking about the David Johnson domestic violence scandal, Paterson is growing less politically viable by the hour.

This would appear to be a huge political boost for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who will be the likely Democratic nominee with Paterson out of the way (and, really, given Paterson’s circumstances, is likely to win a primary contest anyway—but if Paterson quits that will make things easier).

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