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Sunday, August 30, 2009
By Steven L. Taylor

WaPo has a piece on the master’s thesis of VA gubernatorial candidate Robert F. McDonell (Va. Candidate McDonnell Says Views Changed Since He Wrote Thesis) and the following paragraph really jumped out at me:

After four years in the Army and the start of a management career with a Fortune 500 health supply company, McDonnell moved with his wife, Maureen, and two young daughters from a suburb of Kansas City, Mo., to Virginia Beach, where he enrolled in a public policy master’s program at what was then called CBN University. The school was founded by Pat Robertson and named for his Christian Broadcasting Network.

From that paragraph let me offer a little advice: if one wants to be taken seriously down the line, never seek a graduate degree from an institution named after a TV network.

Just sayin’.

(The school is now called Regent University).

I will say that it is unfair to assume that what McDonnell wrote 20 years ago is exactly what he thinks now. By the same token, it is perfectly reasonable to inquire with him at to which of those views he still holds. While some of the views in the document (such as on abortion) are still mainstream in the GOP, while others (such as on women in the workplace and contraception) are well out of the mainstream.

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