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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
By Steven L. Taylor

Via Haaretz: Netanyahu government to be sworn in today

Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu has officially asked the Knesset to hold a swearing-in ceremony for his new government - which, with some 30 ministers and at least another six deputy ministers, will be the largest in Israeli history.

The ceremony is scheduled to take place at 5 P.M. Tuesday.

While the ministerial appointments of all of Netanyahu’s coalition partners have been finalized, there is still uncertainty within his own Likud party. As of late last night, Netanyahu was still meeting with senior Likudniks, with no final decision having been made as to who gets which portfolio.

Kadima, meanwhile, is ready for opposition:

Kadima leader and outgoing foreign minister Tzipi Livni said Monday that Kadima will serve the nation from the opposition. “This is the service we have decided to give. The government that will be formed tomorrow will be large and bloated, with portfolios and ministries divided into fractions and sub-fractions. Tomorrow will also see the rise of a large opposition headed by the largest party,” said Livni during a Kadima meeting held in the Knesset.

Indeed, another piece in Haaretz notes Livni: Kadima won’t hesitate to criticize Netanyahu government (in case anyone was wondering).

For some details on who is getting what job, as well as some of the tensions within Likud, see: Netanyahu cabinet: Heavy on coalition partners, light on Likud.

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