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Thursday, January 22, 2009
By Dr. Steven Taylor

BBC NEWS | Americas | Cuba’s Fidel Castro ‘doing well’

Speculation that the health of former Cuban President Fidel Castro has worsened has been dismissed by the visiting Argentine president.

President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said Mr Castro, 82, seemed healthy, after she had an hour of talks with him in Havana.

Meanwhile, Cuban President Raul Castro said his older brother was “exercising, thinking a lot, reading a lot”.

All of which may well be true, but I continue to be puzzled by his utter lack of a public appearance for over two years. There is something that isn’t being shared-especially when assurances of his wellbeing are accompanies with reports such as:

No pictures of the talks were immediately released.

It is as if there is something about Fidel’s condition that the Cuban government believed would have a negative impact on the population. However, why that would be the case given that the transition to Raúl has gone so well is beyond me.

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3 Responses to “Fidel está bien”

  1. MSS Says:

    Right. The pictures of Fidel reading a daily newspaper-presumably meant to dispel claims that old pictures were being shown-mysteriously stopped appearing some time ago.

    And if he could not even be shown on TV from a hospital bed at the 50-year celebrations of the revolution, then he must be in bad shape.

    In fact, there is an image from that celebration that speaks volumes about the state of the leadership. I saw a photo of Raul and several colleagues of comparable age. Raul looked like he was about to fall asleep. I wanted to yell: Hey, wake up and celebrate, Raul!

  2. Barry Says:

    I wonder if he’s already embalmed.

  3. PoliBlog: A Rough Draft of my Thoughts » Fidel: Not Dead Yet (but…) Says:

    [...] I would speculate that he is already dead, but since Argentine President Fernandez de Kirchner says he saw him within the week, this seems unlikely. I could see her exaggerating how well he was doing out of [...]

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