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Monday, February 4, 2008
By Dr. Steven Taylor

~Rounding-up, analyzing and handicapping the 2008 election~


~If Sabato can use a crystal ball, why can’t I use a toaster?~

General News, Poll, Commentary and Bloggage

  • Blognetnews has a cool map by which one can navigate the Blogospheric discussion of the Super Tuesday states.
  • CQ Politics has a video run-down of Super Tuesday.
  • Zogby’s run-down of key Tuesday here.
  • Charles Franklin: Super Tuesday Endgame
  • Marc Ambinder: What The Polls Say About Feb. 5.
  • CNN: A super guide for Super Tuesday
  • Reuters: In White House race, it’s delegates that count
  • Via the NYT: Republicans Battle for Votes and Money in California
  • Lee Sigelman @ The Monkey Cage: The $$ Campaign
  • Greg Weeks: The Latino vote
  • OTB: California Tightening, Routs Everywhere Else

Checking the Bread: Movement Since the Last ToM


Barack Obama

Dough is on the rise

John McCain

Dough is on the rise.

Hillary Clinton

Dough is on the rise

Mitt Romney

Getting darker.

Mike Gravel

Hey, what’s that at the back of the fridge?

Mike Huckabee

Getting darker.


Ron Paul

Not even suitable for croutons.


Gazing into the Polished Stainless Steel of the Toaster.


Los Elefantes: As we look towards Super Tuesday, it is quite clear that the race on the Democratic side is more unsettled than the Republican one. McCain enters tomorrow’s contest the clear front runner and is leading heavily in most polls. McCain has wins in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida while Romney only has the state of his birth (and where his father served as governor), Michigan, and handful of minor caucus states (Wyoming, Nevada and Maine) and there is no reason to suspect that that basic trend is about to reverse itself. In other words, McCain has won the states that count (save Iowa) and Romney’s wins have been second tier at best. The polls suggest that Romney can do well in California, but given that the delegates are allocated by congressional district and statewide, Romney will be unlikely to take all of the state’s delegates even if he has a stellar night. While the magic number won’t be reached tomorrow, the odds are it will be quite clear who the prohibitive favorite will be, and that will be McCain. At that point the process will become largely academic, as Romney will not be mathematically eliminated, but would find himself needing a truly miraculous turn of events to capture the nomination. The only question at that point will be: how much of his own bread will he be willing to spend in fending off his eventual toastness?


The most remarkable and fascinating aspect of the entire process on the GOP side is the ongoing debate over McCain’s conservatism. Some example of the conversation are as follows (and in most cases the comments left are more interesting than the posts in question):

  • John Cole asks what makes Romney more conservative than McCain.
  • Rachel Lucas wonders why the discussion of McCain isn’t more objective.
  • CNN: In letter to Limbaugh, Bob Dole defends McCain
  • OTB: Curing McCain Derangement Syndrome
  • Crooked Timber: Liberal Senators (McCain is discussed in the comments thread)


And so forth…


It will be most interesting to see how the GOP coalition pulls itself together, as part of the party’s November hopes hinge on a vigorous Republican turnout.


Los Burros: On the Democratic side, it still appear that Clinton is in the lead, but given the usage of non winner-take-all rules in Democratic contests, coming in second could still mean a lot of delegates across the country. Indeed, in some districts in California, coming in second come mean the same number of delegates as coming in first. As such, expect no closure on the Democratic side after tomorrow.


In many ways, tomorrow is the end of the GOP contest, but for the Democrats it is the start of the final showdown.


The bag is currently empty.

John McCain Yes, for the first time this campaign season, the Toastmaster sees Wonderbread in the toaster’s shiny stainless steel surface. The GOP nomination is now McCain’s to lose.

  • Via the LAT: Endorsements bring a new head of steam
  • James Joyner @ OTB notes: McCain’s Giuliani Bounce
  • Via the LAT: McCain, Romney acrimony dates back to Olympics

Barack Obama

  • The AP: Obama Raises $32 Million in January
  • Reuters: Obama faces Super Tuesday challenge with Hispanics
  • F&V: Obamamentum?
  • TMV: California’s First Lady Maria Shriver Endorses Barack Obama


Hillary Clinton

  • Via the Swamp: Hillary Clinton cries in Connecticut
  • TMV: Poll: Public Increasingly Uneasy About Bill Clinton Back In White House

Mitt Romney The nomination is still a possibility for Romney, but the probability is low.

  • The NYT: Romney Maps a Strategy for Survival
  • Stephen Bainbridge: Romney Flip Flopped on Guns Since 12/07
  • Ana Marie Cox in Time: The ‘I Hate Romney’ Club




Mike Huckabee Yes, from stale white bread one week to burnt toast the next. Huckabee still has a shot at some southern wins, but clearly he must know that he is running, at best, for the chance to be veepable.

Mike Gravel

Ron Paul Even with his bags o’ cash, Dr. Paul has now hit the crumbly stage of the campaign. Heck, his internet-based groupies don’t even seem to have the will to comment any longer.


James Joyner @ OTB notes: Ron Paul Flatlines. He looks at the polling numbers and notes what most of us understood from the beginning: Paul’s support came from a small, stable and passionate minority. This is easily demonstrated by the fact that even as other candidates have dropped out of the race, Paul’s basic level of support has stayed steady—i.e., he has picked up no support from the exit of others.




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  4. By the way, it is not just California. A lot of the states have even numbers of delegates in many of their districts.

    The non-winner-take-all is a good idea. But having small, even numbers of delegates per district is not so smart.

    Still, in all cases, just over one third of the Dem delegates are allocated statewide proportionally. So, in that tier, even small differences in the margins are consequential. (About one delegate for every 1.25% increment of the vote in California.)

    On the other hand, Republican rules-winner-take-all and, in some states such as California, same number of delegates in every district-greatly overrepresent voters who happen to have mostly Democratic neighbors, and will give the bulk of the delegates even to a candidate with either well under half the votes, or with narrow margins over the runner-up in the district or state.

    Comment by MSS — Tuesday, February 5, 2008 @ 12:05 pm

  5. Yes-it will be most interesting to see what happens in some of the very Democratic districts in the GOP primary. In at least one LA area district, I think that the likely GOP voter pool is less than 10,000.

    Comment by Dr. Steven Taylor — Tuesday, February 5, 2008 @ 12:24 pm

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