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Monday, August 30, 2004
Voting Against Bush, Hardly for Kerry

By Steven Taylor @ 12:32 pm

Dale Franks at QandO has an anti-Bush advertisement that lends credence to what James Joyner noted this morning: Kerry isn’t exactly beloved by his supporters-rather, he is supported because he isn’t Bush.

Filed under: US Politics: 2004 Campaign

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  1. It doesn’t really matter though. They are just as likely to go to the polls and vote for Kerry because they don’t like Bush as they would be if they actually liked Kerry.

    Comment by Jediflyer — Monday, August 30, 2004 @ 1:33 pm

  2. Many will, for certain-perhaps enough to defeat Bush. Still, it is not a good position for a challenger to be in.

    Comment by Steven Taylor — Monday, August 30, 2004 @ 1:39 pm

  3. the only things against kerry that the republicans have is a PAST lack of military and anti-terrorism spending. well hate to break it to you republicans but bush did the same….RIGHT BEFORE 9/11!!! which was probably staged by him nways. but speeking from a strictly mainstream media printed viewpoint - he cut spending to anti-terrorism units and is, as we speak, cutting pay to our young people in combat over seas as well as reducing benefits to those who have given of themselves in previous wars. perhaps these budget cuts wouldnt be needed if bush hadnt called for massive tax cuts that benefited mostly the upper class (his campaign contributers). maybe these budget cuts wouldnt be necessary if he had not, on TOP of getting rid of our budget surplus through tax cuts, gone into another country unprovoked - a country who never threatened or hurt us by the way and started a war without having a plan as to how we were going to leave the country.

    so you think kerry will cut spending? please!! he said that he would increase benefits for injured veterans and he is NOT weak on terrorism. he went into this war saying we are going into iraq to stop sadam hussein who is harboring al quida (whos leader osama bin laden by the way hated hussein) and to get his weapons of mass destruction (be they chemical or nuclear).

    when did this focus change from terrorist hunting and weapons destruction to freeing the iraqi people? ill tell you when!! when his lie was found out and the ignorant and unthinking american people began thinking well wait a min. here. the saudis give waaaaaaay more money to terrorist and iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world….bush + presidency = opportunity to take iraqi oil? i think soooooooooo. so here we have a lying, betraying bush regarding war and defense spending. THEN he starts on our civil liberties. we have our lovely proposed constitutional ammendment banning gay marriage as well as the patriot act and department of homeland security. we have our lax environtmental restrictions for big bus. factories (once again for bush leading contributers who make up a VERY small percentage of our countries population). we have our corporate accounting and executive frauds. lovely as well seeing as how the man who gave the most to his 2000 campaign got the money from us, the american people, when he FUCKING STOLE IT FROM ENRON INVESTRORS!!! not like bush would care neway since when you go back and look at all of his lovely harken scandals and previous bus. fraud he would appear as guilty as the rest of them.

    but wait! does it stop there? i think not!
    now we have halliburtan (sp?) - the company of our dearest vice pres cheney which just so haaaappened to recieve over 1.66 outa 1.99 billion dollars of ALL the american and iraqi contracts in iraq.

    the american gov is just one big cash cow to the bush family and its friends and while some ….hmm…many ill informed republicans may blindly believe that our president is right in saying that kerry cant handle national security in a way that ensures the safety of the american people - id honestly rather have a pres that does nothing but maintain the american way of life rather than improve it (as kerry is accused of doing) than a pres. who blatantly rips us off, lies to us and gets us deeper and deeper into trouble with the international community.

    as for education? Millions of 8-year-olds are given lists of words and phrases. they are then graded. then the children scoring lowly have the option of being sent to another school where they can do better? riiiiiiight. it never happens. the money that was supposed to go towards this plan went to end the inheritance tax giving rich peoples kids a few more million in money when they die essentially making it the no child whos parents make at least 7 digits a year are left behind act. then what happens? the kids who are tested as not being well enough educated are locked in. there are no “optional schools” for them to attend unlike bush who attended Philips Andover Academy where even with the help of some of the countries finest teachers he, upon graduation, managed only to score a 25 outa 100 on the air national guards test. yes ladies and gents - almost to stupid to be allowed to operate on or in an airplane.

    hes not even the one who truly makes the decisions. i dont know if you are all aware of this or not but bush has never EVER been on television or to an interview where his responses and have not been scripted by his staff before hand and even THEN he fucks up.

    hes a joke. neone willing to do their home work would see that. i dont especially agree with all that kerry says but compared to bush - nething is better

    Comment by Charles Hisey — Tuesday, September 7, 2004 @ 2:38 pm

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