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Friday, December 5, 2003
Toast-O-Meter (12/5 Edition)

By Steven Taylor @ 12:22 pm

The Toast-o-meter: A Weekly News Round-Up and Handicapping of the Race for the Democratic Nomination.

The scale:

  • Wonder Bread (The nomination is in reach)
  • Just Plain Ol’ White Bread (Still in the race; has a shot)
  • Toast (Pretty much done—a little scraping might make you look like bread, but you’re done)
  • Burnt Toast (Really, really done)
  • Burnt all the Way Through (Why are you still in the race?)
  • Crumbs in the Bottom of the Toaster (Why did you ever get in the race in the first place?)

    Potential Movements each Week:

  • Dough is on the Rise
  • Heat’s Off This Week
  • The heat is on.
  • Got Scraped a Bit
  • Getting Darker

    General News

  • It is almost time for Six of the Nine to start getting matching funds. (Kerry and Dean have opted out, and Braun may fail to makle the filing deadline-plus she has barely raised
    any cash).

  • MoveOn has started an anti-Bush ad campaign.
  • The RNC flirted with a PR nightmare, but changed its mind.

    The Whole Loaf (the field v, Bush) (Bush is fresh, the Loaf is stale)

    A new feature to the Toast-O-Meter: how are the Nine (and the eventual One) stacking up against Dubya?

    It looks like the economy is moving in Bush’s favor and so the election may be largely about Iraq. The question will become: will enough swing-voters be willing to entrust Howard Dean with US security policy? I don’t think so. The main thing that Democrats can hope for: collapse of the economic turn-around or disaster in Iraq. As I have said for months, the Democrats are in the unenviable position of needing bad news in order to win.

    Also, I have moved Kerry down below Clark. The Top Three Slices are: Dean, Gephardt and Clark.

  • Bush’s numbers are up.
  • Economic numbers continue to be in Bush’s favor.
  • While Iraq will likely be huge, aside from saying that they will be better at getting international help, it is unclear what any of the Nine will do.

    Howard Dean: Wonder Bread fotified with vitamins With Yummy Vermont Syrup on top (Dough on the Rise)

  • The NH numbers are good. Very good.
  • He remains in a tie with Gephardt in Iowa.
  • Saletan compares Dean and Bush on the Viet Nam draft issue.
  • Dean’s biggest problem (and at this point it appears to be a minor one) are those documents he sealed in Vermont.

    Gephardt Slighty Toasted White Bread (the heat is on).

  • Not much going on.
  • He is under direct attack in Iowa by Dean.
  • His poll numbers in Iowa aren’t what he would want them to be (see Dean for link).

    Clark Toast (getting darker)

  • Referenences to his vague link to the Branch Davidian debacle are pointless, but unhelpful.
  • Clark is trying to tout his domestic policy record.
  • He is being oblique about he will do in Iraq.

    Kerry Burning French toast. (Getting darker by the day).

  • Timothy Noah of Slate asks the provacative question: Does Teresa Heinz Trust John Kerry? If not, why should we? Eugene Volokh 107047825890534135?>responds.

  • He gave a big speech to the CFR this week on Iraq. I am not sure anyone paid all that much attention.

    Lieberman Burnt toast (the heat remains on)

  • Professor Bainbridge has an interesting post on Joe.

    Edwards Burnt all the way through (getting darker-if that’s possible)

  • Is he still running?

    Sharpton Crumbs at the bottom of the toaster

  • On ABC’s This Week Sharpton noted that he is looking to win, but also to register voters and to help move the Democratic Party to the left, as he sees the party’s movement to the right as the reason for its loss of the Congress.
  • He has an interesing write-up in today’s NYT

    Kucinich Crumbs at the bottom of the toaster

  • On ABC’s This Week (11/30/03), Kucinich stated he would stay in the race until the convention, and that he believes that there will be a brokered convention. He furter stated that “I’m in this to win".
  • If fictional characters are endoring you>/a>, you might be crumbs at the bottom of the toaster. (This is especially true if you point this fact out on your web site).

    Braun Crumbs at the bottom of the toaster

  • When the big news of the week for your campaign is that you might miss the deadline to acquire matching-funds, you are truly the crumbs under the crumbs at the bottom of the toaster.

    Not in the Loaf

    Hillary Clinton

  • Despite her trip to Afghanistan and Iraq, she isn’t running.
  • Need evidence? the filing deadline in New Hampshire has passed.
  • And I do not buy a brokered convention/Hillary the Savior at the last minute scenario. Just look at the economic numbers and the President’s approval numbers. Why would she get in now? Look for her to run in 2008.

    Al Gore

  • Raises a philsophical question: If a tree gives speeches to partisan audiences, does anyone notice?

    Bob Graham

  • [Insert your own journal joke here].
  • Was intereviewed on the Daily Show last week. Compared Larry King to a “soft bunny.”

    Third Loaves

  • Ralph Nader is thinking of running again-making some Dems mad.
  • Kevin of CalPundit, thinks it might be a good thing for the Democrats. An interesting thesis, but I don’t see this as being a good thing for the Democrats. However, I think that Nader will be a non-factor this year. Regardless of who wins, this isn’t going to be a repeat of 2000.

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    1 Comment»

    1. Great piece this week!

      A thoroughly grand bakery, with not only all the desired types, but flourishes (from other writers) on each!

      Well done!

      Comment by Daniel — Monday, December 8, 2003 @ 11:47 am

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