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Friday, January 6, 2006
By Steven L. @ 9:29 am

Patternico and his reaction to the LA Times’ columnist revealing him to be a Stalinist for pointing out errors of the paper.

That, my friends, is what we call a good old-fashioned whippin’.

Michael Hiltzik is a columnist for the LA Times. On his blog, sponsored by the paper, he states the following:

Frey has several qualities in common with many other right-wing bloggers who have set themselves up as watchdogs of what they categorize, self-revealingly, as the “mainstream media.” . . . None of these critics appears to be genuinely interested in correcting factual errors or improving this newspaper’s, or any newspaper’s, performance as a journalistic institution, which are certainly legitimate goals. Their main purpose is to hunt down deviations from a political orthodoxy that they themselves define. Their techniques include a promiscuous use of labels as shorthand slurs (”leftist” and “liberal” being, of course, their most popular denigrations). They no doubt find this technique valuable because once they can hang a label on a newspaper or a journalist, they can dispense with anything so fundamental as discussion or argument.

So “right-wing bloggers” use labels so that they can dispense with anything so fundamental as discussion. Because labeling is wrong — unless you are correctly labeling right-wing bloggers, of course. But couldn’t we find a better label that “right-wing blogger”?

(hmmm. Despite what all the other columnists are saying, “right-wing blogger” might not sound ominous enough . . . .wait — I know)

To back up their assertions, they often quote articles selectively, take out of context what they do quote, and ascribe imaginary motivations to reporters and editors, which they then feel free to decry. As any student of history knows, these are tools and techniques that were used to great effect during the Stalinist show trials of the 40s and 50s.

Stalinist. Yes, perfect. Blogging is exactly like Soviet-era show trials.

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Friday, July 8, 2005
Bush and food subsidies
By Bryan S. @ 8:36 pm

Dean Esmay links to an article that quotes President Bush as committing to end U.S. farm subsidies if the EU does so as well:

President George W. Bush said the United States will end subsidies to its farmers if Europe does the same, an offer the European Commission said it hoped would lead to a breakthrough at world trade talks later this year.

Asked in an interview broadcast on Monday if the United States would abolish farm subsidies if Europe did, Bush responded: “Absolutely, and I think we have an obligation to work together to do that”.

“Let’s join hands as wealthy industrialised nations and say to the world, we are going to get rid of all our agricultural subsidies together,” Bush told ITV1 television ahead of a summit of the Group of Eight rich nations in Scotland on Wednesday.

“The position of the U.S. government is, we are willing to do so … with our fine friends in the European Union,” he said.

I’m actually at a loss for words about what to call this particular maneuver. What does one call it when someone makes a commitment to do something knowing full well that he will never have to do it because the condition upon which it is predicated will never come to pass.

To wit: George Bush will never have to end U.S. farm subsidies because the French will never end farm subsidies. And Bush - as a second-term president managing several controversial topics at once: social security, the war, supreme court nominations - is not going to turn all those congresscritters to the free market.

Sorry to burst Dean’s bubble, but, to borrow a cliche: It ain’t happening.

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Sunday, September 21, 2003
Bama Bloggin’
By Steven Taylor @ 7:55 am

The Montgomery Advertiser had a front-page story (yes, slow news day :) on Alabama bloggers yesterday: Blogs give writers a voice. Included in the piece are PoliBlog blogrollees Kristopher of The World Around You and ye olde Keeper of the Weevil hisself: Terry of Possumblog.

(And, as always, Glenn gets a mention, too).

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Wednesday, September 3, 2003
The Silver Carnival
By Steven Taylor @ 11:37 am

The 50th edition of the Rhetorica: Press-Politics Journal: Carnival of the Vanities is up at

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003
#49 Has Left Spacedock
By Steven Taylor @ 10:01 am

The Carnival, installment #49, is at Creative Slips. The silver anniversary edition will at The Rhetorica Network, where your host will be Dr. Andrew Cline.

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Saturday, August 23, 2003
Blogging on Partisanship
By Steven Taylor @ 3:26 pm

I came across the following blog today: lying in ponds, which looks at the issue of partisanship. I have only skimmed, but it looks rather interesting, especially his analysis of the partisan content of columnists I am unclear on the methodology, but it is worth a look.

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What is With People?
By Steven Taylor @ 9:16 am

I just read the following from John Lemon on some trouble he has experienced as a result of the attention he received from the CalPundit “conservatives in academics” discussion. His posts are here and here.

The upshot: some has threatened to “out” him.

This is ludicrous, and while not nearly as bad as what happened to Kate recently, it does make you wonder what’s up with some people. The Internet is a wonderful thing, but while it allows us to encounter interesting and thoughtful people, it also, clearly, increases the odds of running into nuts.

John is anonymous for a variety of reasons. Yes, he has legitimate career concerns (you all can scoff at all the anti-conservative bias in academics all you want, but the truth of the matter is that there are departments where it is a reality, indeed my personal experience is that it is in the vast majority of departments in certain disciplines). Further, just by reading the content of his Blog he clearly wants the opportunity to spout off without having to worry about said sproutings being associated with his academic reputation.

For what it is worth, I struggled with whether or not to be anonymous when I started my blog, and indeed was anonymous for a month or so. And I teach at a university where my conservative views are more considered the norm-this is rather unusual.

In short, I say two things: give Lemon a break, and I hope that he continues to blog.

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Happy Blogoversary
By Steven Taylor @ 8:46 am

James of OTB notes that yesterday was CalPundit’s one year anniversay. He also details some of Kevin’s impressive traffic stats.

CalPunidt is on one of the better blogs out there and one of the one’s with a liberal persuation that I frequent the most.

And, of course, he is now the official nemesis of John Lemon, another blog worth your attention.

Take a look if you haven’t, although given the stats, the odds are that you already have.

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Thursday, August 21, 2003
Parade of Trolls
By Steven Taylor @ 3:23 pm

First, there was the Carvnival (current edition here, next edition here).

Then, there was the Bonfire (current edition here).

And now, the Parade is Coming-the Parade of Trolls.

We extol ourselves with the CoV, we make fun ourselves with the BoV, why not make fun of the Trolls?

Send your best and most amusing examples of trollishness to steven -at- for the Parade of Trolls #1. Deadline for entries: Friday August 29th. Please send the text of the trollishness and the permalink to the post it came from. Also, feel free to include any commentary that you feel is warranted.

The first Parade will be out on August 30th.

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Creative Slips linked with Carnival of the Vanities #49
Last Man Dancing linked with New Contest!
The World Around You linked with Parade of Trolls
Wizbang linked with Parade Of Trolls
Silflay Hraka linked with Who's That Trip-Trapping Across My Meme?
Hellblazer linked with Parade of Trolls
Wednesday, August 20, 2003
Ye Olde Carnie is Here
By Steven Taylor @ 6:14 am

And James of OTB has it!

(And can you tell what season he is eagerly awaiting?)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2003
Burn, Baby, Burn
By Steven Taylor @ 8:00 pm

The Bonfire of the Vanities - Week 7 is now available for your reading pleasure.

And rumor has is that the Vainglorious Ones will be on parade sometime tonight.

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Lemon Filled Fun
By Steven Taylor @ 3:06 pm

John Lemon gloats at Daniel Drezner’s expense.

Go see.

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Thursday, August 14, 2003
Bipartisan Blogging
By Steven Taylor @ 10:32 am

James of OTB has a list of interesting liberal bloggers to complement CalPundit’s Interesting Conservatives.

Both are good lists, and encompass a number of blogs I frequent as well.

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Another Lemony Blog
By Steven Taylor @ 9:55 am

Does John Lemon know about this? Good thing John doesn’t work for Fox…he might sue! I mean, heck: look at the url!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003
#47: The Carnival
By Steven Taylor @ 11:05 am

Right We Are! has the 47th edition of the Blogosphere’s most well-known travelling circus.

OTB has it next, btw.

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