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Saturday, March 11, 2006
Thoughts on the BSG Season Finale
By Dr. Steven Taylor @ 11:41 am

Since there are spoilers, comments are below the fold.


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Thursday, March 9, 2006
BSG News
By Dr. Steven Taylor @ 2:30 pm

Via the SciFi Wire: Galactica Returns In Fall.

While the 3rd season has been confirmed for some time, this is the first time I have seen a timeframe. According to the brief story we will all have to wait until October for new BSG after this Friday’s season finale.

The third season, like the second, will be 20 episodes in length.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2006
BSG News
By Dr. Steven Taylor @ 9:16 am

Via Reuters: Lawless follows arc to “Galactica”

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Friday, November 18, 2005
BSG News
By Dr. Steven Taylor @ 5:22 pm

Via Zap2it: ‘Galactica’ Battles on at Sci Fi

The entire principal cast of “Battlestar Galactica,” including Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell, is set to return for season three. Executive producers David Eick and Ronald D. Moore, who developed the show from the late-1970s ABC series, will also remain with the show.


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Tuesday, November 1, 2005
It’s the Geek Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
By Dr. Steven Taylor @ 2:56 pm


I can barely manage your classic “triangle eyes” jack o’lantern.

h/t: the Unofficial Battlestar Galactica Blog.

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Saturday, October 15, 2005
Battlestar Blog
By Dr. Steven Taylor @ 11:33 am

Ron Moore has a new blog entry.

h/t: The Unofficial Battlestar Galactica Blog

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Thursday, October 13, 2005
By Dr. Steven Taylor @ 7:20 pm

For a little relief from Judicial Wars comes a Battlestar Q&A with Ron Moore with some hints about the rest of the season.

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Sunday, September 25, 2005
More BSG
By Dr. Steven Taylor @ 3:10 pm

The Battlestar Wiki’s page for the episode Pegasus lists a number of deleted scenes that, on balance, seem to re-inforce at least some of my observations about the military-civilian problems created by Pegasus’s arrival.

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Down deep in Texas: The View from Waco linked with Geek Break
BSG Blogging: Pegasus
By Dr. Steven Taylor @ 2:19 pm

First: curse whomever it was that decided to make us wait until January for the rest of season two.

Second, some thoughts:

  • Cain’s Guilt: There is clearly more to the Pegasus’story than Cain has let on, and I think that whatever those details are will help explain her general motivations.
  • Indeed, Cain’s general reaction to finding a fleet with 40ish thousand humans didn’t seem normal. There was never anything to indicate that the Pegasus crew or command staff was pleased that there were as many human survivors of the Holocaust as there were. They were pleased to have additional military assets, yes, but general pleasure over the number of humans who were still alive? None. This was underscored by the fact that Pegasus was willing to restock Galactica but was not willing to send supplies to the civilian ships. It was almost as if the civilian population didn’t really matter. Either this all plays into a back story that has yet to be fully revealed, or it was lazy writing to help up the tension level.

  • Overall, even though Cain throws Adama a bone of congratulations after reading the logs, she really seems to have no comprehension of what the Fleet signifies, or what it has been through. Certainly she affords neither Adama nor Roslin any respect. Now, it could be that she was always an egotistical jerk, or she has been traumatized, or both.
  • Indeed, to move outside the world of BSG into our own, I thought that there were some problems with the script. Specifically: the conflict between the two Battlestar crews was too immediate and too clichéd. That there would be that much immediate animosity given the fact that what we have here is the reuniting of two of the last remnants of humanity didn’t seem real on a program that has treated human emotions and responses to difficult situations as well as it has to date.

  • Speaking of cliches-at this point I do not entertain the notion that Cain or any of the Pegasus are Cylons. That would be too trite, and rather disappointing. No, I think that the ultimate answer is going to be that Cain and her crew simply had a very different reaction to the attack, the Holocaust and their survival than did Galactica and the Fleet. Indeed, it gets back to Adama’s admission on Kobol to Roslin that had it not been for her, he would have gone after the Cylons and that he and his crew would have died.
  • Clearly the response of the Pegasus’ crew has been to lapse more deeply into an extreme militarized existence, while Galactica’s situation, with a civilian government and population in the equation has lessened some of the more strident elements of the military existence.
  • Of course, along those lines, both crews did see fit to employ extreme methods of interrogation, crossing the line into torture, with Cylon captures. Of course, Starbuck’s usage of beating and the bucket of water on Leoben pales in comparison, on several level, to the gang-raping of Pegasus’ Number Six. It is noteworthy, though, that also along with the thought above, part of what put a stop to Stabuck’s interplay with Leoben was the intervention of the President. Whether intention or not, I think that the writings are making a point in comparing the two Battlestars in terms of the mitigating influence that civilian control of the military can have. And again, the key role of Roslin is brought to light.
  • It is odd and disturbing that that many of the Pegasus’ crew would be so into the whole gang rape activity.
  • Clearly, Galactica’ exposure to both iterations of Sharon have tempered their views of how to deal with the Cylons (and I don’t just mean Tyrol and Helo). As a side note: given their fight in the previous episode, it was quite interesting, and logical, that Helo and Tyrol would go together to save Sharon.
  • It is odd that the main goal of the Pegasus seems not to be consolidating and protecting humanity’s last remnant and exploring the whole Earth business, but rather they seem more interested simply in taking over—although that may feed into the whole guilt angle and the hyper-militarization angle. Still, it is odd. It is as if finding the Fleet didn’t really change the status quo all that much for Cain and company.

Fanboy Nitpick: why couldn’t Sharon fight off her attempted rape more effectively? Cylons, even the female one, have been demonstrated to be far stronger than humans—so handling three men shouldn’t have been that hard. Granted, there were also men with guns, but still—especially once help arrived, I was surprised she didn’t fight back more ferociously. I am also surprised Cain didn’t order Sharon transferred to Pegasus along with Tyrol and Helo.


(Part of the OTB Sunday Drive).

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Down deep in Texas: The View from Waco linked with Geek Break
Sunday, September 18, 2005
May it be So
By Dr. Steven Taylor @ 11:33 am

SyFy Portal is reporting that BSG has been given an unofficial green light for a third season.

Hopefully this will become official shortly.

h/t: The Unofficial Battlestar Galatica Blog

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Monday, September 12, 2005
BSG News
By Dr. Steven Taylor @ 6:08 am

I noticed in my TiVo’s Season Pass Manager last night that BSG is going to have a marathon of Season One episodes on September 20th (starting at 7am central). If you have been wanting to try out the series, but were afraid to jump in, or you missed Season One, fire up your VCRs.

Plus, I am guessing you can get caught up on Season Two during the *sniff* midseason hiatus (just two episodes left, I think).

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Thursday, September 8, 2005
“Midseason Hiatus?”
By Dr. Steven Taylor @ 3:57 pm

What? Excuse me?! Did you say hiatus?!?

Via the SciFi Channel’s events calendar, I see an entry for a Battlestar Midseason Finale

SCI FI’s hit series Battlestar Galactica airs its last episode before the midseason hiatus, “Pegasus.”

What? Only two more episodes until a hiatus?

All I can think to say is this (granted, not a perfect fit, but fellow geeks will understand the sentiment).

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PoliBlog: Politics is the Master Science » BSG News linked with [...] up your VCRs. Plus, I am guessing you can get caught up on Season Two during the *sniff* midseason hiatus (just two episodes left, I think). Filed under: SciFi, BSG | [...]

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