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Wednesday, December 10, 2003
The Real List of the Day: Five Real Foreign Policy Mistakes
By Steven Taylor @ 10:49 am

File this one under “current events”. (This was the list I intended to post prior to the whole DeathFlu business).

Yesterday, during his endorse-a-thon of Dean, Gore said:

“Our nation in its 200-year history has never made a worse foreign policy mistake,” Gore told a raucous crowd of labor activists…

This struck me immediately as a ridiculous statement, and so, here are:

Five Examples of Real Foreign Policy Mistakes:

5. Somalia/The Blackhawk down incident. While the toll in human life was not immediately large, I believe that al Qaeda was emboldened by what they saw as the US cutting and running after a little bit of pain. I think that event fueled a string of attacks: Khobar Towers, the African embassies, the Cole and the WTC. As such, the entire Somalia policy, and secifically the way it ended, was a huge foreign policy mistake.

4. Carter and Iran: the management of both the pre- and post- revolution foreign policy by the Carter administraton was inept.

3. The Marines in Beiruit:

The shocking attack killed 241 U.S. servicemen in a single strike more than died on the deadliest day of fighting in Vietnam, this year’s invasion [no longer the case, -ed., but the numbers are still close] of Iraq or the entire 1991 Persian Gulf War.

We failed to keep any peace, and suffered a devastating attack-for nothing.

2. The Korean War: 36,940 battlefield deaths for a war that ended in stalemate-and we are still there and the North is a nuclear powered member of the Axis of Evil (you can throw in the inept Clinton/Carter poicies regarding allowing the North Koreans access to nuclear power plants).

1. Viet Nam: ‘nuf said. (And Gore knows this-he referred to Iraq as a “quagmire”, and we all know that that is an allusion to Viet Nam-so if Iraq is being compared to the most obvious foreign policy mistake the country has ever made by way of showing how bad Iraq is, how can Iraq be the “worst”?).

If you want to play along, here’s how.

Update: This is today’s entry in the BELTWAY TRAFFIC JAM

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Today’s List: Top Five Bad Things About the DeathFlu
By Steven Taylor @ 9:28 am

Today’s list is filed under “personal”:

Top Five Bad Things About the DeathFlu

5. Phlegm. Let’s face facts: Phlegm sucks.

4. Coughing and blowing one’s nose every ten minutes.

3. Restless sleep

2. Body aches and fever

1. Having a stack of work that has to be done because grades are due on Friday morning.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2003
Today’s List: Scotty Quotes
By Steven Taylor @ 9:17 am

Today, no politics, rather, the frivilous:

My Top Five Favorite Lines from Scotty of Star Trek:

5. “It’s green,” By Any Other Name (also Data to Scotty in Relics)

4. “Aye, and if my grandmother had wheels, she’d be a wagon.” Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

3. “Laddy, don’t you think you should… rephrase that?” Trouble with Tribbles

2. Two lines from the same exhange:

“I’ve got to have thirty minutes.” The Naked Time

“I can’t change the laws of physics.” The Naked Time

1. Two lines from the same exchange:

“It’ll take eight weeks, but you don’t have eight weeks, so I’ll do it for you in two.” Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

“How else can I maintain my reputation as a miracle worker?” Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

If you want to play along, check out how here.

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Monday, December 8, 2003
Today’s List: Annoying Conservatives
By Steven Taylor @ 6:44 am

A couple of week’s back I posted a list of funny movie lines (at least lines funny to me) and had thought of a couple of other lists to posts (mostly pop culture stuff) and then this weekend I came across the “Twenty Most Annoying Conservatives of 2003″ (Hat tip: The World Around You) and then Reason’s “35 Heroes of Freedom” (Hat tip: OTB), and these made me think of even more lists, or ideas for lists.

As a result, I am going to try posting a “List of the Day” on a given topic-sometime frivilous, sometimes serious, and a la the Beltway Traffic Jam, I am going to invite you all to play along. If you wish to dispute my list, or add to it, post your own list to your own blog and then link it back to this post. When I get the trackback, the link to your post will automatically be displayed below. If you don’t have a blog, feel free to leave a comment.

Today’s List are the Top Five Conservatives that I find Annoying (inspired by the list from above). Of course, instead of a liberal blog giving their list, I, a fairly conservative blogger, will give mine.

5. Trent Lott: Ended 2002 and started 2003 with the whole Strom Thurmond mess, which kept gettintg messier. His stance on the FCC ownership rules annoys me as well. His stint as Maj Leader was dissappointing.

4. Ann Coulter: I once thought she would become the conservative Maureen Dowd (back when Maureen Dowd wasn’t so annoying herself-and she still isn’t always, anyway…), but she has become the Ted Rall of the right (at at least Michael Moore).

3. Pat Buchanan: I’m with James on this one: the man has moved into loon territory. I can’t take anything he says seriously. And that whole Reform Party bit a few years back: what a joke.

2. Roy Moore: His antics (which amount ot judicial activism) do no favors to conservatives nor, in my opinion, to Christians. Plus he stands poised to at least try and move the Alabama Republican Party (and the state) backwards with his brand of populism.

1. Michael Savage: This guy is so obnoxious, and such a detriment to the conservative point of view that one almost has to assume he is some sort of liberal plant (that’s a joke, not paranoia).

UPDATE: This is sliding down the road at the BELTWAY TRAFFIC JAM

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