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  1. “Getting the Goodness Out” is definitely my new favorite phrase, but it’s really not something a General should be saying (it sounds very Hippie).

    I think the Bush administration has come dangerously infatuated with the idea that the public’s disenchantment with the war is all because of unbalanced media reporting. Bush and Cheney seem to think — and have acted as though they think — that they don’t actually have to do anything differently, they just need to speak directly to the people and tell them that we’re winning in Iraq. They’ve been trying this for months now (remember the “strategy for victory” speech?) and it doesn’t work.

    At a time when every poll shows that the vast majority of Americans think Iraq is headed for civil war, it’s not enough to go on TV and say that, no, there’s not going to be a civil war; the administration needs to explain how they’re going to avoid a civil war. And they need to explain how they’re going to achieve their original strategy — arming the Iraqis to fight themselves — without creating further danger of civil war. If Bush keeps on sticking to the idea that things are great and he just needs to cut through the MSM filter and let us know that things are great, he will never be able to revive support for the war.

    Oddly enough, what we’re seeing in this administration is the danger of a government being run by people who really believe that the MSM is out to get them. When that happens, you can dismiss your falling popularity as a product of the MSM distortions and vow to keep doing the same things over and over. Nixon was like that. Johnson eventually became like that. Whereas Reagan and Clinton, shrewder operators, understood that when their popularity fell it was time to do something different or hire new people.

    Comment by M.A. — Sunday, March 5, 2006 @ 5:58 pm

  2. Secondly, if there truly is a surfeit of positive stories that are being ignored, it seems to me that the administration should be working harder to get them out. Yet, we have not seen such a move (indeed, this is a move that the administration has never undertaken), which leads me to believe that there really aren’t all of these obvious positive stories.

    agreed. Perhaps they forget that there is a legion of reporter’s writing down everything that comes out of the president’s mouth, following him around the world and micro-analyzing every statement.

    That seems like as good a media outlet for specific, positive stories as I could imagine.

    Comment by eric — Sunday, March 5, 2006 @ 7:18 pm

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