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Thursday, January 6, 2005
Conference Blogging
By Dr. Steven Taylor @ 7:52 pm

All is well in New Orleans after Day One of the SPSA. Nothing earth-shattering in the panels today, although my suspicion that some political scientists use quantitative methods just so they can write a paper around some fancy numbers was further bolstered. Clearly some use them to good avail, but, sadly, the former are more plentiful than the latter. I am wholly convinced that a lot of PoliSci Ph.D. programs teach these methods (and push them as The One True Political Science) while ignoring the fact that they aren’t good for everything. Of course, I am not a quant guy, so perhaps I am biased…

For example: I learned today that divided government means that a president is less likley to be successful with his legislative agenda. Further, the greater the ideological space between a Chair of a Senate committee and a given President, the less legislative success that President will have vis-a-vis that committee. Now, I am pretty sure I knew that, but since these results were statistically signcant at the .01 level, I now know its true.

Meanwhile I see that Steven L. has been doing a great job keeping PoliBlog going in my semi-asbsence. It is pretty nifty to have original content to red on one’s own blog.

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Thursday, September 30, 2004
Today’s Bonus List: Do’s and Don’ts—Lessons from Past Debates
By Dr. Steven Taylor @ 10:17 am

Filed under: Campaign 2004

Do’s and Don’ts—Lessons from Past Debates

5. Don’t invade your opponent’s personal space.

4. Do shave before the debate.

3. Don’t sigh! (related: don’t roll your eyes).

2. Don’t look at your watch.

1. Do keep your hearing aid on at all times.

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The Command Post - 2004 US Presidential Election linked with Debate Night
Bob's Place linked with Kerryisms conflictatorus
The Moderate Voice linked with MUST READS Going Into Tonight's Presidential Debates
Today’s List: Top Five Ways to Amuse Yourself with Tonight’s Debate
By Dr. Steven Taylor @ 8:30 am

(I was going to call it “Top Five Ways to Amuse Yourself During Tonight’s Debate, but that might’ve taken the list in a different direction…)

Filed under: Campaign 2004

Top Five Ways to Amuse Yourself with Tonight’s Debate

5. Find Senator Kerry’s longest sentence.

4. Play the political version of John Madden’s sweat race (he is known for noting which offensive lineman is sweating the most). This could also be called the “Nixon game�?.

3. Count the number of words the President mispronounces.

2. Find the new buzzword/phrase: what will be the “lockbox�? or “risky tax scheme�? of 2004?

1. What new word will President Bush invent tonight?

And your bonus entry: ‘Should I score that a “flip�? or a “flop�?’?

Feel free to play along.

Update: This post is part of today’s Beltway Traffic Jam.

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The Command Post - 2004 US Presidential Election linked with Debate Night
The Moderate Voice linked with MUST READS Going Into Tonight's Presidential Debates
Tuesday, August 17, 2004
You Say Kerrey, I Say Kerry-Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off
By Dr. Steven Taylor @ 4:20 pm

This was brought to my attention yesterday, but I never got around to fully checking it out. Utterly amazing: Kerry Campaign Explains Bob Kerrey Mixup

John Kerry, Bob Kerrey. It’s easy to get confused.

At least that’s how the Kerry campaign is explaining claims that Kerry-the Democratic presidential candidate-served as vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Oops. Make that Bob Kerrey-the former Democratic senator from Nebraska who did serve as the panel’s vice chairman.

In news releases and postings on Kerry’s campaign Web site as recently as last Friday, the Massachusetts senator is touted as the panel’s former vice chairman. However, according to the Senate Historical Office, Kerry never had the seniority to hold a leadership position on the committee-though he was a member from 1993 until 2001.

“John Kerry, Bob Kerrey—similar names,” said Kerry campaign spokesman Michael Meehan, adding that any reference to Kerry as vice chairman was an error.

Wowie-talk about embarrassing: posting this info as a response to the Bush ad on Kerry’s attendance record in the Senate Intelligence Committee is an example of monumental incompetence.

And gee, when I said that Kerry’s Senate career needed to be put on a milk carton, looks like I had a point: it is so lost that even staff doesn’t know where it is.

And: details, details:

Kerry’s failure to attend three-fourths of the committee’s public hearings was criticized by RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie in a memo Tuesday to members of Congress.

The Kerry campaign has not denied he missed meetings but has said the criticism relies on accounts of 65 open hearings and doesn’t note that the panel held more than 329 meetings.

So, not only does Kerry have a secret plan for Iraq, he claims to have conducted his Senate career in secret as well.

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Outside The Beltway � linked with Kerry: The Missing Years
Thursday, January 29, 2004
Today’s List: Clark Quotes
By Steven Taylor @ 2:49 pm

Since we may not have the General to kick around for much longer, I thought I’d better get the list up while I was thinking about it:

My Top 5 Favorite Stunning General Clark Quotes:

5. “This is the most closed, atrocious government since Richard Nixon was president.”

4. “The Europeans know who I am and respect me.”

3. “Life begins with the mother’s decision.” (in the Union Leader on 1/8/04).

2. “If I’m president of the United States, I’m going to take care of the American people,” Clark said in a meeting with the Monitor editorial board. “We are not going to have one of these incidents.”
“Nothing is going to hurt this country - not bioweapons, not a nuclear weapon, not a terrorist strike - there is nothing that can hurt us if we stay united and move together and have a vision for moving to the future the right way.” (from an interview with Concord Monitor and a Hat tip to: OTB.)

and, the #1 quote is especially fun after you have read the other 4:

1. “And I’m very glad we’ve got the great team in office: men like Colin Powell, Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Condolzeezza Rice, Paul O’Neill-people I know very well-our president, George W. Bush. We need them there, because we’ve got some tough challenges ahead in Europe.” (Source: A WSJ column version of a speech he gave on 5/11/01 at a Republica fundraiser as printed on 9/26/03.)

Update: This is my entry in today’s BELTWAY TRAFFIC JAM

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The Daily Lemon linked with Why Clark can't win
Signifying Nothing linked with Dean’s implosion
By Steven Taylor @ 2:42 pm

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
Today’s List: SOTU Lines
By Steven Taylor @ 8:50 am

Today’s List has been on semi-hiatus, but here is a list to file under “current events”: My Top Five Favorite Lines from the State of the Union Address That Would Make Great Sound Bites:

5. “These numbers confirm that the American people are using their money far better than government would have — and you were right to return it.” [What about all the spending?-Ed. I can still like the line, can’t I? Plus, it is a good bite]

4. “Activist judges, however, have begun redefining marriage by court order, without regard for the will of the people and their elected representatives.” [I liked this one for the general senitment, as much as the specific issue on the table].

3. “[I]t is mistaken, and condescending, to assume that whole cultures and great religions are incompatible with liberty and self-government.”

2. “For all who love freedom and peace, the world without Saddam Hussein’s regime is a better and safer place.”

1. “America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our country.”

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Monday, January 5, 2004
Today’s List: Top 5 Technical Things I Wish All Blogs Did
By Steven Taylor @ 4:39 pm

File Today’s List under “The Blogosphere”:

Top 5 Technical Things I Wish All Blogs Did

5. I wish every blog used sitemeter and left the stats public (cuz I am a curious sort).

4. I wish that all blogs were listed in the TTLB.

3. I wish every blog used MT-style Trackback pings (and if you don’t use MT, you still can trackback with the best of ‘em).

2. I wish everyone pinged blogrolling (and other “updated” lists) when they updated their blogs.

1. I wish everyone had permalinks for each post (are you listening Kaus and Sully?-actually, just Kaus, Sully now has permalinks. I mean, gee whiz, if hobbiest can do it, surely the Big Boys can).

If you want to play along in the comments section, feel free-or if you have your own blog, post your own list and link back to this post to get a trackback link posted here on PoliBlog.

(the sitemeter and TTLB wishes probably result from my comparative background and my desire for uniform metrics for use in comparisons! ;)

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Simon World linked with Everything you wanted to know about blogging but were afraid to ask
Monday, December 29, 2003
Today’s List: Top 5 Favorite Musicals
By Steven Taylor @ 5:37 pm

I am no connoisseur of musicals, but I know what I like. As inspired by this list, as found on Jen Speaks, I present Today’s List:

My Top 5 Favorite Musicals

5. The Wizard of Oz. It’s simply cool. I am old enough to remember when movies such as this were an annual event on TV, and it was a big deal when they were on (at least when you’re a kid).

4. The Sound of Music. A true classic-how can you go wrong with a singing family besting a bunch of Nazis? (also another one of those “on once a year” deals).

3. My Fair Lady. A true joy, although Rex Harrison’s sing/talking is somewhat amusing at times. And even though she doesn’t do her own singing, how can you not like Audrey Hepburn?

2. The Phantom of the Opera. I saw it live in Los Angeles with Michael Crawford back in the late 1980s (1989 or 1990). Very cool.

1. Les Miserables. I have the soundtrack, which was a gift from a friend many years ago. I love the music and the story, but have never gotten to see it, save for a PBS thing wherein the original cast sang their parts in costume to a live audience.

Honorable mentions: Beauty and the Beast, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Mary Poppins

If you want to play along in the comments section, feel free-or if you have your own blog, post your own list and link back to this post to get a trackback link posted here on PoliBlog.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003
Today’s List: Top Five Replacement Candidates for the Green Party’s Nomination
By Steven Taylor @ 10:21 am

Since Nader Won’t Run As Green Party Candidate, here are the:

Top Five Replacement Candidates for the Green Party’s Nomination

5. The Current President of ELF (or the UNAbomber). Of course, terrorism isn’t in vogue these days, so maybe not.

4. Ted Rall. Heck, he knows everything, right?

3. Michael Moore: We could always use another Stupid White Male in the race.

2. Barbra Streisand. Given the genius of her policy positions, why not?

1. Al Gore: He wrote that book and he’s a proven vote-getter. And when he has tht bear he looks like Grizzly Adams.

If you want to play along, here’s how.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2003
Today’s List: Top Five Things We Don’t Need from Today’s News
By Steven Taylor @ 9:49 am

Top Five Things We Don’t Need From Today’s News

5. We don’t need to pay $130 for a book of toons.

4. We don’t need a stage production of When Harry Met Saly.

3. We don’t need missing screws messing up nuclear power plants.

2. We don’t need more ALF.

1. We don’t need Dennis Rodman to come out of retirement.

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Friday, December 19, 2003
Today’s List: Dems on Dean
By Steven Taylor @ 8:17 am

Today’s List: Democrats Speak on Howard Dean (file it under “Current Events”)

5. “My concern is if he doesn’t moderate some of those positions, if he is the Democratic nominee, he will be very successful at garnering 45 percent of the vote � which isn’t enough to win.” (Rep. Cal Dooley, D-CA).

4. “There is some anxiety.” (Pat Griffin, who was President Clinton’s liaison to Congress.)

3. “For Dean in particular, it makes it even more imperative that he has to make an adjustment in terms of his positions so he’s not viewed as weak on national security.” (Leon Panetta, former Clinton Chief of Staff).

2. “We don’t want a wimp in this part of the country.” (Representative Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio)

1. “Most people in my part of the country think the world is indeed safer without a ruthless dictator.” (Senator John Breaux,D-LA).

Source: NYT

If you want to play along, here’s how.

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PunditFilter linked with Democrats speak out on Dean
Tuesday, December 16, 2003
Today’s List: Dennis Miller Quotes
By Steven Taylor @ 8:34 pm

My Top Five Favorite Lines from 10 Questions For Dennis Miller — Dec. 22, 2003

5. On George W. Bush: “Bush had the balls to start something that’s not gonna be finished in his lifetime. The liquidation of terrorism is not gonna happen for a long time. But to take the first step? Ballsy.”

4. On entering electoral politics: “At some point that involves moving to Washington, D.C., sitting in a room all day with a moron like Barbara Boxer. I’m just not interested.”

3. “anybody who looks at the world and says this is the time to be a wuss�I can’t buy that anymore.”

2. “I had the best job in sports broadcasting for two years. And I had never been to a football game. I felt like the guy in Catch Me If You Can.”

1. “(Sept. 11) was a big thing for me. I was saying to liberal America, “Well, what are you offering?” And they said, “Well, we’re not going to protect you, and we want some more money.” That didn’t interest me.”

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Monday, December 15, 2003
Today’s List: Top Five Saddam-Related Quotes for 12/15
By Steven Taylor @ 10:13 am

File Today’s List under “topical”

Top Five Saddam-Related Quotes for 12/15

5. “He showed no remorse whatsoever.” — Ahmed Chalabi.

4. “I told him, ‘Damn you! The Iraqis will send you to hell.’ ” — Mowaffak Rubaie, a Shiite Muslim member of Iraq’s U.S.-appointed Governing Council who fled the country in 1979 after being arrested and tortured by Hussein’s secret police.

3. “The world is crazy. I was in his torture chamber in 1979, and now he was sitting there, powerless in front of me without anybody stopping me from doing anything to him. Just imagine. We were arguing, and he was using very foul language.” — Mowaffak al-Rubaie, a Governing Council member, after a visit to the deposed dictator yesterday.

2. “We will get sovereignty on the 30th of June, and I can tell you, he could be executed on the 1st of July.” — Mouwafak al-Rabii, a Shiite Muslim council member and a longtime human rights activist.

1. “President Bush sends his regards.” — Troops Who Apprehended Saddam Hussein in response to his self-identification and offer to negotiate.

If you want to play along, here’s how.

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Friday, December 12, 2003
Today’s List: The Top Five Worst Movies I Have Ever Seen
By Steven Taylor @ 5:12 pm

Yes, there was no list yesterday, but there were two on Wednesday…

File today’s under “Pop Culture”:

Worst Movies I Have Ever Seen

(Not counting ones I have seen on MST3k)

5. Tarzan. The one with Bo Derek. My word that was a boring flick.

4. Red Dawn. Perhaps the worst Cold War movie ever made. The plot expects us to believe that a) the Soviets can take over the US with the help of the Cubans, and then b) part of the invading force could be repelled by a bunch of kids? Yeesh.

3. Johnny Dangerously. All I remember is that we couldn’t finish it, and my Dad, who usually will finish anything, got up to do something else.

2. Mars Attacks!-A movie where truly all the funny parts were in the commercial. The movie itself is nigh unwatchable, and highly, highly unfunny.

1. Howard the Duck. The only movie I paid to go see at the theater that I walked out on. It was utterly horrible. I would note my credulity that George Lucas was involved, but his recent efforts have knocked the bloom off that rose.

(Inspired by Crooked Timber: A name to my pain, which was in turn inspired by Off the Kuff: Movie badness is an issue Americans care deeply about)

If you want to play along, here’s how.

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Off the Kuff linked with Movie badness is an issue Americans care deeply about
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